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We’re grateful for the generosity of all our donors and supporters who help us make a real difference to the lives of Malawi’s orphaned children. A donation of any amount is always very much appreciated and we ensure that it’s used in the best possible way.

All our administration is carried out voluntarily, while trustees and others travelling to Malawi cover their own costs. This means that 100% of the money raised through donations can be used directly to support the children and young people. Donated funds are supplemented by fundraising events organised by ourselves and others.

Please consider supporting us in one of the following ways:

Here are just some examples of what your donation could do – though donations of any amount are welcomed.


  • £7 buys a pair of shoes for a child
  • £20 buys a school uniform
  • £50 provides a week’s accommodation, meals and activities for a child at Likhubula House
  • £80 provides a bicycle, enabling a girl to travel safely to school
  • £100 enables a child to attend a government secondary school for a year


  • £10 a month enables us to provide 10 families with parcels of essential provisions
  • £15 a month provides 20 girls with sanitary protection for a year
  • £20 a month provides 40 children with a year’s supply of pens, pencils and exercise books
  • £35 a month funds a placement on a vocational training course

Please contact us if you wish to consider helping us support an able young person through higher education. Read more about the young people we are currently supporting:


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