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For the past 16 years Malawi Music Fund has helped orphaned children transform their lives through education. We know our girls well, we've funded many through secondary school and through further education and we're proud of their achievements.

But in Malawi only 13% of girls complete secondary school and 42% are married before the age of 18. Many of the orphaned girls we support live in overcrowded households without electricity or running water.  Some may be tempted or forced to leave home to fend for themselves, making them vulnerable to exploitation.  Our house parent, Eneles Chaononga, says:

 ‘The serious problem we have in our community with these orphans is poverty. Most orphans are looked after by women, not men, and it is difficult for a woman alone to manage for the family. The biggest challenge is the number of children she may have, together with the orphans. As a result, some girls find their own means to look after themselves, ending up with unexpected pregnancy and early marriage’.


We want to ensure that orphaned girls from the poorest households are able to complete their education and become positive role models in their families and communities.

We’re asking for your help in building a hostel for girls who are most at risk – creating a supportive environment where they will be cared for by a house parent and provided with a quiet space to study. As well as going to school they’ll be taught simple farming and skills such as tailoring. We’ll continue to pay for their school fees and other necessities and we’ll provide bicycles for those who have far to travel to school.  

‘Thank you so much for bringing this idea of constructing a hostel for girls,’ says Eneles. ‘If the girls are supported and cared for in this hostel they will go further with their education and have good careers’. 

The hostel will be built in the grounds of Likhubula House in Mulanje, a youth and community centre run by CCAP (Church of Central Africa, Presbyterian). Likhubula House is generously providing the land, an in-kind contribution of £3,000, and is our Malawian partner in the project. The photo shows the proposed site and below is an artist’s impression of the building.

Here is Rev Cliff Nyekanyeka, manager of Likhubula House, talking about the project:


We’re supporting Hilda through secondary school where she’s in Form 4. She’s an able girl and her ambition is to become a journalist.

‘I live with my grandmother and in our family there are nine children including six orphans of which I am the eldest. At home I have few moments to study because of lack of space, noise the other children make, also some bad peer pressures. The coming of this hostel will help us avoid peer pressures and will give us an opportunity to have time to study in order to achieve our goals and have a bright future.’ 


The costs of building and equipping the hostel amount to £27,000. Thanks to donations, sponsorship, Gift Aid and a contribution from our core funds we are over half way there.

We are working hard to secure the remainder through charitable trusts and donations. And you can help by supporting our ‘Building for HOPE’ campaign through which we aim to raise £5,000.   Read about the campaign here.


You can help make our vision a reality by sponsoring a brick (or multiple bricks), a window, a door, a wall – or even the roof – of the new hostel.

In return we’ll –

  • keep you informed of the funding and building progress;
  • include your name as a donor (unless you tell us otherwise) on a special plaque to be displayed in the completed hostel; 
  • invite you to a ‘virtual’ grand opening of the hostel.

We are inviting you to pledge the amount you wish to donate. Pledges will be called upon only when the funding is in place.

Pledges will be accepted until 30th June 2023.  If you would like to make a donation after that date please contact us by email. 

If you would like more information please email

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